Power At War With Love

People who crave power cannot love. Love is the opposite of power. Power is control and dominance. Love is surrender and submission. Power is taking. Love is giving. Power is fear and oppression. Love is happiness and trust. Power demands unjustified loyalty, obedience and respect. Love demands nothing, and only politely requests that it be shared.

Don’t worry. Sharing love never diminishes it.




48 thoughts on “Power At War With Love”

  1. This is very true, people who have a lot of pride, who want power and who have a huge ego they can never love. They are more self-important and they control and expect too much from a person, whereas love is so… just so wonderful

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          1. Love? No
            I wish to be in love. It’s something I have never experienced and that everyone in my life has never experienced. Most people in my family are pride and power driven. They find me weak when I voice how much I want to be in love. I guess I am just weak.

            Have you found it?

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              1. That’s good because in my own opinion, power is a sadness that a lot of people are oblivious to. Just because a person has a lot of power and control in their life, it doesn’t necessarily mean their happy. They might be, but they would be missing the actual happiness. Happiness found in loving and giving

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  2. So, I saw it’s your anniversary, I thought I would check out your first posts and what do you know, it’s January? You do like time travelling! πŸ™‚
    What an interesting first post. I remember reading it when you reposted it. It’s a profoundly moving, concisely written truth.
    March 1st just happens to be the birthday of my dying friend, so I am glad I ended up in January instead, actually. I know, I’m sorry, you do hate melancholy…
    Happy anniversary, Brian.

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    1. Uh oh! I’ve been looking at some of your earlier things too. More slowly, because I think the present is important. This wasn’t actually my first post. I moved this back here… I didn’t even start my blog until March 2016.

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      1. Knowing you, lots of cryptic minutiae which will confuse me and create more questions πŸ˜•
        But I’m going to do my best piecing together and we’ll see what I doscover.

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                    1. Well 1.) I meant the post. I’ll do it of you want it 2.) At this stage of knowing you I could only write a loving prologue for the book about you 3.) Keep saying lovely things to me 4.) Commenting backwards and forwards on this old post of yours feels like we’re at a huge party in a massive house in a small, cozy room where no one is going to pop in and *whispers * know one knows we’re here! .5.) I’m trying to write you an email. I’ll probably be done around 1 am, lol. 6.) I’ve been randomly looking through some posts/comments and just an observation, people really love you. It’s amazing. I love that
                      7.) Commenting “live” is funny

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                    2. Okay, 1 we can but take your time. We’ll do no more than one a week so it’s fun and not a chore.
                      2 true
                      3 I totally will 😊
                      4 I love that description! It’s so apt. And you’re right, no one is likely to come here.
                      5 I know you are busy with monkey, so take your time!
                      6 there have been a few who disliked me. Oh, but not on this blog I guess. Not yet. Lol. I really love people too. Especially youlike people. Yes, it’s a word. πŸ˜‰
                      7 it is. It’s like chatting, but not, but kind of.

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                    3. I’m going to be really annoying and continue the numbers. What a nerd.
                      1. Yes I agree. Pressure makes me nervous and rubbish
                      2. Yes I am veritably veracious
                      3. 😢

                      That’s it. I’m annoying myself now. Stop it,Maria!
                      Don’t respond with a list!
                      Grrrr (warning growl )

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