It’s sometimes hard to redirect
To reconnect and be direct
To notice this and be correct
And not clench fists in disrespect
Your thoughts completely vivisected
Collect them to avoid a wreck
Technologically reject
Reflect on how to skip neglect

Perspective gets you all perplexed
The difference between first and next
The demons breathing down our necks
Are the angels whispering of sex
And the lines we read between the texts
And the causes without any effects
This is all taken out of context
Making everything complex

But I’ll have a cheeseburger and fries
I look down at a screen instead of up at the skies
I look down at the people who are telling me lies
I look down at someone who quits before he tries
I look around at the vertical stripes
I see the sun on the horizon
My eyes in the lights
Excited by excitement
No one knows what they like
Invited to recite
My list of hurdles and gripes