Love Monster

You said you wanted to be a part of me
But it meant I was possessed
You said I was one in a million
But it meant I was millionth best
You said that we were soulmates
But you don’t appear to have a soul
I’m your best friend
Until the end
When we’re alone

You said you loved me dearly
When I’m quiet and disappeared
You said I was the one and only
Only when loneliness was what you feared
You looked at me longingly
As long as no one else was around
I’m everything
Until your phone rings
And then you’re gone


4 thoughts on “Love Monster”

  1. Stark and heartbreaking.
    I really shouldn’t have started this Journey Into Posts Past for many reasons .
    I can’t stop now.
    Thank god I’m a speedy reader

    Liked by 1 person

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