Armageddon everything
Buildings full of air and dust
Chairs that fly and tears of eye
Aware that I smile inside
Ragnarok and rolling thunder
The sky leaking oil
On my manifolded light
Tripping the life in drastic cold
Candle wax dripping on brown grass
I don’t ask how this all came to be
Spinning around and not finding me
There’s the spot where you stood
When I took the picture I hold in my hand
There’s the flowerbed we worked
Under the umbrella of wooden dreams
Like the dream we both had when we met
The dream I can’t forget
But it’s the end of the world
And life is confusing
Without you


Published by:

Ward Clever

I’m a work of fiction come to life, a whore who can touch unicorns, a ghost manifest, a sensitive empath with a dark side, a watcher of the skies, a healer of healers, a lovable asshole, a guy who writes a nice bio. Welcome to this thing. I am a little teapot, and I put my whole self in and shake it all about. That’s what it’s all about.

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