Intermission: Allergic To Magic

I’m suffering from allergies.

Suffering. Like, everything is running. This happened at work. No matter where I was, it continued. So I took an allergy pill.

Well, those things have this sleepy effect on me. So I nearly fell asleep at work. I mean, nearly fell deeper asleep than usual.

Fortunately there was a work function that everyone was at, so the office was cleared out. I’m not going to tell you what I did, but let’s just say the office bay where I work has a door with a lock. I just closed my eyes, and thought about work, and work related working work and then zzzzzzz…

I don’t know what to tell you. Except it didn’t help. Fortunately, something else occurred to me and I woke up: everyone’s gone. They won’t know if I leave! So I did. I was totally going to skip the gym, but I went out of habit. I decided to go in because I was already there. I ended up doing a whole usual workout. Half asleep, but I did it!

Then I drove home. I was fully awake for that. Either that, or I can teleport. I am a magic man, after all.


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