First there was nothing
That we wouldn’t work hard to get
Nothing that we wouldn’t achieve
Now there is nothing
We certainly worked hard to get that
And we achieved nothing
I don’t have any examples of nothing to show
There’s nothing I can say
Nothing more to do
So I’ll say and do nothing
Holding on to this copper disc
Because a penny is better than nothing


13 thoughts on “Nothing”

              1. B.
                It’s 3 am.
                I woke up as though someone whispered at me, “look at this”.
                I saw your comment about my poem and I’ll respond later. Tomorrow. I’m so tired but my heart has expanded a little and is giving my tummy bursts of fireworks to contend with..
                ….coupled with comments and an email from Mel about a little recording I sent her of my voice. .you two are preventing from functioning because my body is too busy feeling happy effing …feelings.
                Oh. No sense.
                Then I read your email too.
                I’m dying a happy death here.
                Don’t stop making me smile.

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