What killed the dinosaurs?
It’s hard to say
Some think they just had a bad day
Or that it was a meteor
But it was my fault
I’ll be honest and fair
Except for bones, teeth and hair
I just winked them out of existence
I didn’t really mean to
I was just trying for the one
But the way I did it was off
I mispronounced a word here and there
And the deed was done
Before I could stop it
Unicorns were around
Fairies and other such creatures
But this one dinosaur was after me
After all my possessions
And wouldn’t leave me alone
So I crafted a spell
The spell to end all spells
Stood on the most powerful crux of ley lines
Recited the incantation
And waited for this dinosaur to die
Those two slip-ups were the key
Instead of removing the dinosaur
From the magical land
I removed the magic from the dinosaur
And on top of that
I removed the magic from the land
I am not sure how a magic spell can end magic
But it did
And in case you haven’t guessed
Dinosaurs are what happens
When magic is taken away from dragons