Tesla Coil Daydream

Darkness in sunshine
Something inside me seeks the shadows
Close my eyes to look within
Stay in black
See the final dragon chasm chalice poison
Tearing a hole in the sky
Mocking myself with fantasy and gerunds
Mocking the whole process of writing
I break the fourth wall
To tell you of my troubles
Right here in midpoem
I still kind of don’t feel that great
Getting over a cold
I’ve also taken medicine
Now back to the action
Giant refrigerators of doom
Cast down on your head
By the whirlpool overlord
It’s raining washers and dryers
I try to apply the application of appliances
But it’s appliances and oranges
Easier to dodge dishwashers
Than to feel anything anymore
I dye my heart black and pierce my soul
Because morbid angst
All the kids are doing it
When the beat drops
We’ll all wobble wobble to the dubstep band
And fall asleep under the strobe lights


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