Mouth grinning
Jaws dripping with satisfaction
You turn me
You own me
You drink your fill
To the brink of killing me
You drain me
Is this what I want?

All along
I didn’t notice the water getting warmer
You burn me
You own me
You mix me with
A dash of dreams and a pinch of pain
Did I sit still for this?

You open up my mind to see
If I’m anywhere close to done
But you need more time
I’m not screaming yet
You skin me alive and serve me up
On plates of the finest china
But I’m blackened and burned
You’ve charred the child inside

Knocked down
Like the first domino in the pile
You throw me
You own me
You drain my brain
Of any self respect
A silent scream
Is this everything there is?

You slip something into my mind
And whisper the magic words
But you need more time
I’m not sleeping yet
You push me away, frictionless
To see how far I’ll go
But I’m already gone
You’ve scarred the child inside