I Drink From You

At night
I heard the streets rolling
I felt them moving
Underneath my feet
Though I was inside
Not among the living
I felt them laughing
Mystique unlike meI didn’t wait for you
I went along
I stopped at the side of the road
And made right out of wrong
I created life out of death
Took breath from you
Took everything I had
To make sure I was the best for youThis glass is full
It’s empty
It’s full again
It’s my only friend
Except for you
And I drink from you
Just as eagerly
Wouldn’t set you down
Put you down
Forget about
All the times we poured our hearts out
And drank from that
You’d have to be pretty smart
To step out of rank
And that is why I love you
You’re a work of art
And that is why I look up at you
You have my heart
I have you to thank
And that is why I want to end up with you
And start with youI’m not waiting for you to follow
I got too far behind
I made myself into something you wanted
Or I already was
Either way I’m with you because
I tried to be
Alive for you
Living for you
It’s easyI just do what you like
And you smile
And that’s my indication
That I’m on the right path
And you laugh
And that’s my inspiration
You’re my inspiration
For everything


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