Bull In A China Shop

I can always write
I can always create
But you don’t always appreciate
What I have to say
When I like to play
Haven’t done this in a while
I hope I’m not late

I stagger around lyrically
No ruler or prince
No majestic creations
No specific intents
Not really intense
Creativity high
Never know who I inspire
Never know who I pass by

I can’t always tell who’s watching
Or have something in mind
But if my number one fan isn’t reading
I can leave this behind
I can walk away for a bit
Or forever if I need
Though just like creativity dripping
I eternally bleed

Winter is over but it’s still cold
Lots of things are over
But they’re still cold too
The last thing I wanted to do
Was disappoint you
That’s what it feels like
That’s what it seems
I’m the man when your mind wanders
But in your dreams?

I stagger and wonder and worry
I am in quite a hurry
Because the rest of my life starts tomorrow
And it just has to be going for me
And you too, of course
And us
But if this isn’t doing anything
It’s my core
It’s my life
It’s my dust

You put it in hourglass and watch
Flip over when it completes
Or blow it away
Sweep under rug
Trample it under your feet
Decide pretty soon
Make that decision stick
The up and down
Side to side
Of this ride is making me sick

I love you and you
And can’t see that alter
And can’t see myself doing something
To make that falter
To vary one iota
You must send signals clear
You must show me your love
You must send your love here

I can’t ride the coaster
I can’t wait in line
I can’t even enter the park
I don’t have the time
I need you to tell me
To show me completely
That you’re mine and I’m yours
That you’re happy to meet me

You’re not perfect
I’m not
We’re not
Nothing is
Nothing will be
Nothing has been
And we won’t be the first

But I can’t stop
Can’t conceive of missing out
Can’t nightmare of leaving
Can’t despair without you
Won’t think of it
Miss you constantly
And then, there’s the future memories


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