Anatomy Of A Raindrop

I don’t remember falling
I just remember becoming a part of things
Part of everything
First the awareness and the pain
The spreading thin
The soaking in
And the earth stealing my essence

Sneaking along underground
Joining with others I found there
Forming bonds
Breaking tensions
Becoming one with a group of old souls
Together we followed our own course
Wherever it would take us

Then I first heard about it
Trickles and rivulets flowing
Deeper and wider and stronger
Joining with others
Faster and more powerful
Surrounding others
To join the ultimate collective

But something happened
I didn’t end up where I thought
I went a different way
A way that wasn’t like the others
A stagnant pool of those who were afraid
Those who wanted me to come with them
I thought I knew

And we went back underground
All was lost or so I thought
Until there was another feeling
The feeling of being drawn up
Pulled into giving nourishing rising
Naturally unnatural through narrow pathways
The tiniest passages

And what I thought was a dead end
A failure
An abandonment of all I wanted
All I had hoped for
Was actually the greatest way of all
As I expanded and exploded into vapor
And rose into the sky to look down at the earth


4 thoughts on “Anatomy Of A Raindrop”

  1. OMG!!!!! Repost this… because this is you right now! You are amazing. This is amazing. You are that nourishing vapor to me. Thank you… I’m so glad your path went a different way. I’m so grateful for that.

    Hugs and… stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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