Taking things away
Separating us with distance or emotion
Some things we put faith in
Some people we trust
Are not what we thought
But I would never let you down

I chase myself
Learn to face myself
Look myself in the the eye
And I race myself
Hope the world doesn’t pass
Make me erase myself
Must keep up the pace
And embrace myself
Get rid of the old kid
And replace myself
Lick the salt from my skin
As I taste myself
Lace my feelings back together
Make myself feel better
Stay out of this weather
Shed this pain and feel pleasure
Don’t try to throw feathers
Don’t cut before I measure
Don’t x out all treasure
Don’t deny what I find
As I redefine my mind

And I might eventually fix the part of us
That is mine to hold
But I’d rather hold you
Grow old with you
I can’t figure everything out
I don’t even want to
I just want us
I just want you
I would never let you down
Even if my own thoughts betray me
I would never betray you


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