Come Out Of The Rain

My head dashed against the railing
When the lightning struck
I should not be surprised
I’m leaving with you now

For hours it has been raining
Coming down in buckets, love
But against the far horizon
I see its outline now

This pink rain in my eyes
Reminds me of my foolish enterprise
I’m not the only player
In this foolish quest for you
My vision getting blurry
That blasted ship follows me with fury
I must silence them with a cannonball or two

I hear that distant humming
Like an aeroplane
The only sound
That’s louder than my heart

You stare into the distance
You’re lucky just to be alive
I think it’s time we took a dive
Into this cloudy view

In your eyes such fear
Reminds me of my floating workshop here
I must concentrate 
On the task at hand
You sense me coming closer
And you whisper ‘will you let me go, sir’
I answer ‘never’
I am glad you understand

I have rescued you from those evil men
Who want you to dance upon their strings
A display case for their shiny things
They don’t understand their sin
They don’t see what I can easily
Wires to your head and feet
My machines keep you here with me
Any moment now your real life will begin

The oscillator signals
It is time
I hear their engines
Pass me overhead

Your eyes close in resolve
You must know you’re safe
You will not die
You’ll outlast even I

They called me crazy
My name they cursed
The lightning strikes again
As I rehearsed
As I plunge the knife into you
I can feel the current running through you
I can make you love me
But I have to create you first


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