I sit atop a mountain
And people come to me
And ask me for my wisdom
What is the answer?
What can you tell me about life?
How can I live as you do?
Should I be scared or angry?
Should I pour my feelings out?
Can I grow by cutting back?

I don’t know the answers
Just because I sit on high
Looking down at everything
Doesn’t mean I know anything
That will help them
I just came here to be alone
To learn from the sky
To see what the tops of clouds look like
To think with less air
And more light
When I come down
I’ll rejoin the crowd
And share what I learned
About myself

Not to say that I am above it all
There is a mountain for all of them
Each can climb
Sit in solitude
Watch nature and cycles
See night and day
Be alone without being lonely
Just listening
Just looking
I’m no better
My drum is different
My beat is different
My music is different
But it will fade
Like the echoes fade
Like the mountain itself fades

But new mountains will rise
And if you’re going to take
All the time and trouble
To climb all the way up here
Just to ask me what I know
You might as well climb up
To the top of your own mountain
And ask yourself what you know


7 thoughts on “Fading”

  1. I think you reposted this at some point last year. All I can say…

    I’m happy on top of my mountain. I’m so close to the sky. It feels right and looking down… I’d rather not. I love the sky too much for that. I’m content here close to my sky. My dreams… closer still. Wisdom… better when shared. I feel the power of the sky… lifting me up… embracing me… comforting me.

    On my mountain… I’m wiser… better… so much better… near my sky.

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