How I Feel About You Sometimes

This is how I feel about you sometimes
It’s really quite simple
(Depending on your definition of simple)
Even simpler if you promise
You won’t think about it too much

Take equal parts tornado and library
Mix them together for ages
Add weddings, parties, dances
Heartbreaks, beauty, triumph
Concerns, drama, alcohol, smiles
Children (but not too many)
The scent of Japanese cherry blossoms
The taste of bittersweet tears and honey
The smell of success and smoke
The sound of laughter and screams
Sunlight, clouds, rain, waves
And sprinkle liberally with music and love
Until everything is jumbled up
And extremely confusing
Pour in a pan made of gold bands
Let the whole thing rise a bit
And fall a bit
And get better, and worse
Stirring occasionally
Until it sets – then stir again
And never stop
And top with some passionate lovemaking
To taste (of course)
And that’s how I feel about you
But this is a secret recipe
So don’t share it with anyone
It’s for us alone


5 thoughts on “How I Feel About You Sometimes”

  1. Interesting recipe. Some things I might leave out. Like the alcohol… for one. I add lots of dreams and hopes and… breathe sighs. I’d mix a little elixir of humility… compassion… lot of love and tenderness. Lots of laughter… pure happiness and even some sorrow… just to balance the whole thing. It’s a tasty recipe… I like it and it is something I have been spoiled drinking from recently.

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