Captain InterStella

She was born in a tiny one-room shack
No one knew this girl would happen
To turn out to be so fond of the sea
And become a famous captain

Of her the bards sang far and wide
Quite often a cappella
Of the very famous and very wise
Captain InterStella

InterStella, InterStella
Where she sailed ’twas always night
InterStella, InterStella
Second star to the right

How she got her name is a tale in itself
She was queen of the seven seas
She protected those who needed it
Brought the bad men to their knees

Til one day when balloons of every size
Were suddenly just there
She thought for a bit, hitched one to her ship
And became queen of the air

InterStella, InterStella
Ruler of all four winds
InterStella, InterStella
The eagles were her friends

Well one dark night, as nights often are
She saw a trail of lights
Then the strangest ship she ever saw
Appeared just to her right (we call that starboard)

It had a hull of green
Green people were inside
They shook her hand politely
And asked if she wanted to ride

She quickly agreed and wouldn’t you know
It was the wildest she’d ever been on
They shot for the stars, went around Mars
And were back to her ship before dawn

Well she was mighty impressed by them
And by their awesome device
When they offered her one as well
They didn’t have to ask twice

Now she sails the ocean black
Her ship runs straight and true
Her first mate is an alien
As is half her crew

She’s still the queen of the galaxy
Still kind to everyone
She’s Captain InterStella
Known to a billion suns

InterStella, InterStella
From Mercury to Uranus
InterStella, InterStella
She’s universally famous

InterStella, InterStella
A captain second to none
InterStella, InterStella
Heart brighter than the sun

Captain InterStella!


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