He took the key from his own chest
While happily he chanted
Her heart was buried deep below
The metallic seed was planted
He unlocked the lock
And pried the tiny doors to his insides
While whistling a happy tune
About his future bride
The hole along the sandy beach
Filled up with gritty earth
To keep ahead of rising tides
He dug for all he was worth
How the key had once gone missing
Why the doors were in his chest
How his heart still beat within
Were mysteries at best
At last he reached the depth he sought
Removed the metal box
Took out the crystal straightaway
(There weren’t any locks)
Proceeding to the Epsilon
The airship he had stolen
Where the lady Roxie lay
With hair (and skin) so golden
He used the same brass master key
He had used on his own locks
To open up her tiny doors
Picked up the metal box
Took out the crystal once again
Placed it within the chamber
Then started up the mainspring
Hoping she was out of danger
Along the Epsilon he climbed
Using main strength up the ropes
Dreaming automaton dreams
Hoping automaton hopes
The airship climbed into the sky
Roxie opened up her eyes
Locked gazes with her rescuer
As if to ask him why
“I could not let you go,” he said
As he set the airship free
“What of you?” she said
“Mention it not. I care nothing for me.”
He placed his fingers on her lips
As she was about to speak
Until the cogs within his chest
Began to grind and squeak
“I’m worried” she said
“Don’t be” said he
“You matter more than I”
Betraying fear of his demise
She then began to cry
“I love you, Victor,” she declared
With a voice rather distressed
As one lone oily tear she shed
Which fell upon his chest
He dropped away
Fading fast
As she continued crying
But that one tear was quite enough
To prevent Victor from dying
The gears inside ground to a halt
But soon resumed their duties
She closed his doors and locked them
As he gazed upon her beauty
He closed her doors and locked them too
Metal skins electrifying
As he realized it was her love
That had kept him from dying
The sun fell low as they held hands
The airship heading west
The moonlight on her golden skin
Powering his chest
They held each other tightly
Looking up at the stars
Two robots trying to be human
When they already are


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