Everything Except His Smile

Its time was finished
How did it manage to vanish

He sought the belt to hold up his soul, and the suspenders to stop bad things from happening. He looked for the fears he had left behind, to see if anything useful was left.

Its place was over
How did it last beyond shadows

He tasted the honey that led to his long sleep – it had no effect. He drank the milk of paradise that made him forget, to see what he remembered.

Its life was ended
How did it find its way home

He vanished and reappeared several times, and moved to the left and right, to see if it would shake anything out. He slew angels and demons, unicorns and dragons, to see if they would help him. He wore the gleaming armor. He stood on the tallest tower and directed battles against himself, dreaming of victory and defeat.

Its home was here
How did its life end

He fought with himself, fatally wounding himself despite his immortality. He died and lived. He removed air and water, and brought fire and earth. His clouds rained down on his minions, and his earth swallowed them up, and his fire burned them to ash, and his air blew the ash away. He created a bird, tiny, fragile, to bring the world.

Its shadows were long
How was its place over

He changed everything. He rearranged his own mind and body. He reconstructed the truth and every lie, and compared their beauty and light. He made bad things happen, and let his soul drop away. His fire burned his fears to ash. He mixed them with the honey. He poured the milk of paradise into the gleaming armor. He bade the bird drink from the vicious mixture. The armor dulled. The world gleamed instead.

It reappeared
How was its time finished

The world became everything except his smile.


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