This mind wanders
Troubled and calm
Wondering what will come up tonight
Will I remember
Or will it fade as I wake
Can I create it as I like

This is the spot where love was buried
This is the place we used to have
This is the dream of our lives together
Ghostly memories
These are the times of fire and ice
These are my hands you pushed away
These are the paths we took in secret
Moonlight evening Saturdays

This heart suffers
Dying and full
Wondering what will break it tonight
Will I recover
Or will I cry out
Can I pretend it doesn’t hurt

This is the time we spent together
This is the room we used to share
This is the dream of us never ending
Ghostly memories
These are the pictures I kept of you
These are the notes you left behind
These are the flowers ever blooming
Sunlight morning sleeping in

This love shatters
Forever and the end
Wondering what is happening to me
This dreamcatcher
Must be falling asleep
Letting thoughts of you escape
Leaving nothing for me to keep