The Gum Thief

Steam train at the station
I got my ticket to ride
I hand my case to the porter there
And I climb up and get inside
Steam train starts a-goin’
Like it’s never gonna stop
Door slides open and she’s standing there
I feel the bottom drop

I chew a little gum
Because I’m uncomfortable
Better than sucking my thumb
Keeps me out of trouble
Conducter stamps my ticket
But she stamps my heart
A tunnel comes
The lights go out
And that’s when the trouble starts

That train goes
Choo choo choo choo choo
What am I gonna do do do do do
The bubble I blew blew blew blew blew
Is all over my face
I cannot see see see see see
What’s happening to me me me me me
That little thief stole my heart
But she also stole my gum

The lights came on just then
On account of that light at the end
Of the tunnel, don’t you know
And that’s when a chase begins
She runs three cars down
I’m close on her heels
But I’m not prepared for the end
With my face by the squeaking wheels

I grab on with all my might
Because I’m uncomfortable
She’s pulling out the pin
And I’m in trouble (again)
Steam train whistle blows
As the last car slows down the track
I won’t ever forget her
But I just want my bubble gum back

That train goes choo choo choo choo choo
What am I gonna do do do do do
That woman I knew knew knew knew knew
Is getting away
I’m starting to see see see see see
What has come over me me me me me
She took me by surprise
But she mostly took my gum

It was a good gum
It was a strong gum
And by the look of it
Suddenly it was a very long gum
I must have dropped it on train
And then picked it back up again
We were both suprised to see
How that sticky gum was now pulling me

I snap with all my strength
Because I’m comfortable
My chewing gum saved the day
And she’s in trouble (double bubble)
My car snaps back suddenly
And hitches up her and me
As she looks on in awe
I shove another stick between my jaws

I take back my gum
She looks defeated
She looks a little glum
She stares at me like I cheated
I look that girl right in the eye
And tell her I can do this at least
If she gives me a little kiss
I can give her a little piece

And the train goes choo choo choo choo choo
We know what to do do do do do
We both start to chew chew chew chew chew
And we’re getting on track
I’m starting to see see see see see
I love her
She loves me me me me me
She was a thief
But I stole her heart right back

And that train of steam
Carries a dream
Right down the track


11 thoughts on “The Gum Thief”

          1. Ah, most definitely understandable.
            I appreciate what little bit I’ve seen, however I also realize my appreciation for it is not at all what you’re seeking, haha
            Id say keep up your romantic efforts, they’ll on occasion hit their mark and make the target heart adore you.


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