My Very Strange Day

Well let me tell you if I may
About my strange day
And you’ll find out
Just how I got this way
It started out grand
At the county square dance
Wearing ten gallon shoes
And red flannel pants

Applepotamus pie
A red and silver surprise
Hope the cinnamon filling
Doesn’t get in your eyes
The crust is golden
Flaky and brown
And if it goes underwater
It probably won’t drown

You don’t believe it
I knew you wouldn’t
If you’re thinking of leaving now
Wow! You really shouldn’t

I had brunch with the queen
Lunch with the mad hatter
Whose hat was better?
Well it really doesn’t matter
Told a joke so funny
I made an elephant forget
And the hyenas have not
Stopped laughing yet

I appreciate the arts
Unicorn farts
And stitching back together
All the broken hearts
Found the missing lynx
Had a couple of drinks
Life is good
I don’t care what anyone thinks

You have your doubts
I can tell
If you left right now
You wouldn’t feel so well

Caramel cats
Sipping dulce through straws
And batting at marshmallow mice
With their paws
Hot chocolate dogs
All playing fetch – you know
It doesn’t get better than this
I bet you

You’re having fun
I knew you would
The idea of sticking around
Seems pretty good now

I found a bright shiny needle
In a stack of hay
I saw two crows in a field
The scarecrow ran away
I fell in love with you
I’m pretty sure I should say
And that’s what happened
On my very strange day


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