A Taste Of Carnivals

Relevant kingdom mistreated
My drink is getting lonely – would you like to join us with yours?
Fist defect
Why shouldn’t coffee stirrers feel inferior to traffic cones?
Benefaction vicious database
I was sitting here holding a drink and I realized I’d rather be holding you
Nitwit suicide
Beware the brittle reproductive organ
Thermoplastic ecclesiastic imperial newsletter enervates accentuation
Mind if I stare at you? I want to remember your face for my dreams
Bondage specialist
I take tea with tropical banshees
A billion conceived gauche zealousness
What would you do if I kissed you right now?
Bent motors
I could lunch on an umbrella
Processed complex demoniacal heterogeneity
Let’s go back to my place and do things I’ll tell everyone we did anyway
Folder kamikazes
How dare you batter my geometric glove puppet
Terrorist idealistic inclement futurity
What dessert do you have that would get the taste of her main course out of my mouth?
The taste of carnivals
Oh, I could hate a drain
Idealistic hurting bitchy feldspar
If I gave you my number, would you keep it or toss it?
Lurker controls
Predict the future using my arrow


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