Broken House

Bring them out
Those times we had a good time
Those places we once loved
Moments we shared together
Memories we discussed

Bring them out
All the things we bought together
All the feelings we enjoyed
Nights we spent in front of fires
Nights of romance we felt

Bring them out
The music we listened to
The drinks we poured
The times of utter darkness
The fights we ignored
The bitter cold resentment
Temporary separation
Transgressions we forgot
Separate vacations
Useless souvenirs we bought
Wandering eyes and feelings
Accusations and disrespect
Double standards and resentment
Whispered rumors and neglect

Bring them out
Please let them take a bow
They deserve recognition
They’re what got us to now
By our own admission
Discarded solemn vows
On one condition
Fix this broken house


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