Hope I Have A Breath Mint

This is a testament
To my appointment with destiny
Hope I have a breath mint
Impress me
Not doing so would be the death of me
I owe some type of enormous debt to me
You’re the breath to me
The air
The scare
The fear of somewhere
Leading here
Leading there
The highway of life
The city of lights
Candles and spite
Burn hate and ignite
Hope you find what you’re after
When the drama finds you
Look behind you
Don’t look now
I won’t remind you
When you’re waiting in your lines
You cut in
Annoying those who waited in the darkness
Frustrated by the heartless
Betrayed by the underground
Rising up with surround sound
Bridging over angry waters
Boiling hotter
Bridges burning
Oceans churning
Pages turning
No one learning how the past affects the future
What you thought you knew
Has now confused you
The tight knots getting looser
Try to confront the abuser
It carries forward to your memories
Making you think about your destiny
The appointment with fate aforementioned
Seeming to come from another dimension
You can only take so much of this pretension
Every confrontation is full of contention
You try to clean away what came before you
Hope they don’t ignore you or bore you
Hope they can restore you and adore you
Floor you with requests of which they implore you
You of course responding
Absorbing the loss with no warning
The colors within exploding
The feelings inside unloading
Don’t look now
It’s about to blow
The wings grow from your back
Help you fly – but you’re flightless
Blinded in both eyes
Now you’re sightless
Break both hands
Now you write less
Make more demands
Now your tight fists grab
What you don’t have
But you write this
By cutting with blood
On the paper
Boils away like vapor
Pulling another caper
Unseemly behavior
Where you’re stealing
Not dealing with feelings
If the rapture comes would you be ready?
I doubt it
But it’s not going to come
So don’t worry about it
There’s nothing there
But clouds and air and rain
And wind blowing your hair
And pain
Daring you to bare your soul
Give up control
An impediment to your destiny with fate
And your appointment?
It’s coming soon
Don’t be late

(As spoken extemporaneously into my phone while driving home)


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