Maybe I need healing too
Maybe I’m not perfect
Just like you
Maybe I need a break
Maybe I make mistakes
Just like you
Definitely makes me
When the mood takes me
And my cup is full
And it’s half empty
And I’m half dead
I may have been completely
Unaware of what was said

Sentimental situation
Take apart the energy
Deconstruct the deconstruction
Missing electricity
Systematic celebration
Here it comes – put your hands up!
Put your hands up

Was I trying out for something
Was my heart drying out for sanity
What if I was only exploring
Diving or soaring
Running in place
What if I don’t know where I’m going
Why would anyone try to follow me
What if all the words I’m sharing
Are a mirror I hold up to you
So you can see caring

Accidental intonation
Shatter glass within reach
Press on and impress the impressionists
A mosaic of melancholy and freak
Monumental misinformation
Here it comes – put your hands up!
Put your hands up
Put them down
Why do what I tell you to?