It’s not anyone but us
In a hurricane of trust
You would blow away in an instant
If I wasn’t there to protect you
With my glass house
I stand outside
I can look in
But I can’t hear anything
I still don’t know what you’re trying to say
I couldn’t hear it anyway in this storm

I get soaked and tossed despite my roots
I’m quite used to it by now
I get forgotten and lost despite my truth
My fear of losing you
I’m used to it

It’s not anyone but us
In this darkness I keep fumbling
I can make out the cards
Despite all the light I can muster
You have the winning hand
But I must turn and face the storm
So it doesn’t ruin anything
Shutter away pain
I still can’t feel anything
I couldn’t tell it from this rain

I get tricked again by the eye
Into a false sense of security
I get fooled again but I get by
Feeling like the fool I am

I’m used to it by now
I get soaked by the returning tempest
In this teacup on the table
In this, your house of cards
I’m used to it