I’m vague
I can’t be pinned down
I’ll tell you something
When something’s going around
I’ll do things and stuff
I’ll say words and phrases
I’ll vacuum the fields
And make lots of corn mazes

I’m abstruse
If that’s perfectly clear
I’m this very second
Voted man of the year
I’ll rake all the snow
I’ll sweep all the rain
I’ll mop all the streets
Yet I’m totally sane

I’m cryptic
You can’t figure me out
You can’t figure me in
There isn’t any doubt
I’ll punch all the cards
I’ll save all the disks
I’ll share my wifi password
Without any risks

I’m obscure
You can’t see what I’m doing
If you try just a little
You’ll be brought to ruin
I’ll shave all the bears
I’ll taste all the shakes
I’ll wave at the aliens
Without any mistakes

I’m complex
Could there be any question?
Seriously, I’m asking
Do you have a suggestion?
Aisle is what you walk down
Isle is where you’re deserted
I’ll warn myself now
I’ve been thoroughly alerted


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