It’s cold
Without anyone to keep me warm

From the inside out I feel a storm raging
It snows inside
Nothing can warm me up
So cold without the love I need
So cold
My heart slips on ice
Falls to the ground
Cannot get back up
No one around
The chilling frosty air connects
Pummeling me
Beating me down
Freezing my soul
Taking a chance
Diving in the deep end
Timing is everything
I never noticed
The deep end was frozen over


Published by:

Ward Clever

I’m a work of fiction come to life, a whore who can touch unicorns, a ghost manifest, a sensitive empath with a dark side, a watcher of the skies, a healer of healers, a lovable asshole, a guy who writes a nice bio. Welcome to this thing. I am a little teapot, and I put my whole self in and shake it all about. That’s what it’s all about.

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