Sunshine In Winter

It looks very warm

Feels very warm

It’s cold outside of course

But you’re making me comfortable

With love

You’re holding me

With love

You’re warming me

With love

It looks very windy


Dead branches tap on the roof

Icicles threaten to fall

But you’re making me feel alive

With your touch

You’re thrilling me

With your touch

It’s killing me

When we have to pull away

Even for just a short time

It looks like things will be okay

For quite a while

Dead feelings get trimmed away

Tired worn out thoughts disappear

Barriers to happiness fall

Life gets very circular

So there are no more corners

To cry in

I see you

Eyes open or closed

And I smile

The world flickers sometimes

Images barely separate for a second

Flashes at the corners of my vision

As my dreams and reality

Acclimate to being



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