Morning Coffee Smell

I built a bridge from me to you
You burned it
I had an epiphany and shared
You spurned it
I had a vision of us both
Yours was solo
I had the most brilliant light
You were shadow

I made a promise to us both
You broke it
I took back an unkind word
You spoke it
I said I’d always be with you
You didn’t stay
I was the cozy fire at night
You were the day

I was the morning coffee smell
You stayed in bed
I moved so far you had to yell
You whispered instead
I slowly took one step away
You turned around
‘Wish for my return’ I prayed
You made no sound


12 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Smell”

      1. Reminds me of a song lyric by Robert Kraft. I think it’s from Who’s Seducin’ Who? “Good looks education and money, so often wasted on the slow. All good things in moderation and moderation is the first to go.”

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