Across Translucent Stones

There stood a man
Living as though no one was around
Looking for food
Looking for shelter
Looking for other things he couldn’t fathom
Or understand
Or possibly ever know

He lived here and there
Having no concept of permanence
No idea of what it meant to be normal
Or sane
Or tranquil and calm
Only turbulent and shifting
Drifting like the twigs that fell
In a river
That ran through the center of his world

In the stirrings of his mind
A thought emerged
Is there something else?
Is there someone else?

That river was not a boundary
It was not the edge of the world
In the distance through the mist
He could see something else
And in time, someone else
Someone like him, yet different

He spent time watching
Learning about this other person
Seeing how she moved
Watching what she did
Being inspired by every motion
Until the day she noticed him

She watched him for a while
Shy, self-conscious, but alone
And they watched each other
Learned from each other
Until the day she beckoned to him

‘How’ he asked
‘Cross to me’ she pleaded
‘I don’t know how’ he said
‘Be with me’ she said
‘I don’t see a way’ he cried
She looked at the river
Looked at the chasm between them
Looked at him once again
Smiling with calm and tranquility
‘Trust me’ she mouthed
Filled with inspiration
He jumped, landing firm
Eyes closed, trusting her
Leaping across translucent stones
Just to be together
With the one he loved
And trusted with his life

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