When We Captured Each Other

With my talons I want to capture you

Fly off to a mountaintop

The air is thin and hard to breathe

And it cold and windy and dangerous

You can only get away when I let you

Or you decide to climb down or jump down

But you never will

I’ll make you stay

Not by force but by free will

I’ll live up to you

I’ll make you so happy

You won’t want to leave

Even though you are captured

Even though you are a prisoner

The jail door is always open

But you remain inside

To you it’s warm and safe

In your new way of thinking

Have I corrupted your mind

Have I brainwashed you

Or is this what you really want

Have I convinced you I’m sane

Have I convinced you of my resolve

Or is this out of fear or hatred

I bind you into the positions you choose

I contort your visions askew

I make the thoughts flow into unfamiliar patterns

I twist and twist but you do not break

You ask for me to continue

You want more

Your door stays closed but I see through it

Your window shows the land you left

And you no longer want to be there

The question remains in that cell with you

Did I convince you or force you

Have you chosen or given up

Have you seen something in me you lack

Or given up something you had for me

Have you surrendered your soul for life

Or have you rallied your mental forces

For a revolution

I can never know

Neither trusts the other

But I hold the upper hand for now

Unless I’m sorely mistaken

Which I’m starting to consider

Because at the end of the day

Who captured who

Who holds who

Who can leave and who can stay

Who is free and who is kept

And who decides what is love


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