You are hard to understand
The language you speak is mysterious
The pathways I follow
Lead to unfamiliar places
Though I’ve known you a long time
I froze a bit of time
I look at it through a window
I am underwater at the bottom of a lake
I am up in the clouds looking down
I see myself from both directions
But I don’t understand you
There is no logical path
I have not been here
You and I have met ages hence
I cut off blocks of memories
I display them on shelves of ebony
I am driving towards the horizon
I am spinning in place
I hold my own hand
But yours is out of reach
What are you doing
That I hear you and see you
But words do not follow
And I cannot follow you
Despite our long acquaintance
I took some of your things
I kept them in a box
I took them out and looked at them recently
I closed the box
I burned the lid
I lost all the things
But you lost me somewhere