On Being The Fish

Find your own food

Just because the bait is hanging there 

So close

So easy 

It doesn’t mean you have to bite

The taste is disappointing 

And then there’s the hook


Published by:

Ward Clever

I’m a work of fiction come to life, a whore who can touch unicorns, a ghost manifest, a sensitive empath with a dark side, a watcher of the skies, a healer of healers, a lovable asshole, a guy who writes a nice bio. Welcome to this thing. I am a little teapot, and I put my whole self in and shake it all about. That’s what it’s all about.

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3 thoughts on “On Being The Fish”

  1. Clever writing! Fish are stupid and insanely gullible. Moreover yummy. So I’m going to pray they stay true to their fishy self and end up on my plate. (Hoping you don’t know any PETA people here 😁)


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