Chameleons Changing Back

For the first time

For the last time
Unpleasant surprises turned out right
We tore each other down
Built each other back up
In one night
With a touch
A word
A feeling
We stayed chameleons
But found the same place to hide
Majestic images poured out
With everything we pulled out from inside
At the start
And throughout
I’ve loved you since the time
We said goodbye
I punched the sky with one fist
While you were holding the other
The whole time
I don’t want to hold you back
Or hold you up high
Just hold you
And if any time in our lives
Is ever frozen
Let it be tonight
If any light is in your eyes
When they open
Let it be mine
If any whisper escapes
When I touch you
Let it be life
If any word disappears
When I’m with you
Let it be goodbye


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