Afraid to use your name

In case there’s a fire

Between us

Afraid to look your way

I shouldn’t in case

Nothing comes between us

But we have an understanding

With two unsuspecting others

And when we stop pretending

We start becoming lovers

We create this temporary love

For a time

It’s the time of our lives

We forget everything

Past the walls of this room

But the light of the moon

Shines on our unresist

We feel it

Strayed for the sake

Of keeping it together

What we share

Afraid to change or leave

Afraid to face what lies in wait

When we return to the real

But we can’t turn back

Can’t turn away

So we turn to each other

And with sympathy

We forgive our delicious mistakes

We create this momentary embrace

For a time

It’s the touch and the taste

We relive memories

Pass the time with shivering

But the light of the morning

Brings cold reality

We feel it

Our hands touch for the last time

Over and over

Day after day

Time after moment

Time and a word