Remember These Things

We talk about love
But there’s never time to make it

We talk about happiness

But walk away depressed and kicking puddles

We sing about honesty

But we’re lying to ourselves

Are you lying to me?

Am I lying to you?

We think about forever
But we forgot where we parked the car

We think about friendship

And then take each other for granted

We mention the future

But the past is what we fight about

Remember when you did this thing to me?

Remember when I did this thing to you?

We wish for better things
But are we taking care of what we have?

We want to be together

But we’re always doing other things

We want to make love

And I forget what was happening

Do you remember what you were going to say?

Do I remember what I was going to say?

We want to sleep in
But we’re caught up in each other’s arms

We want to dream

But we’re staring into each other’s eyes

We want to get up

But the warm glow of morning is keeping us from going

You want to stay here with me

I want to stay here with you


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