Diamonds In Circles 

In the early morning I’m behind you

I follow
I call and you don’t answer
I panic
I drive all night with the fear
Following me
It’s a funny line
You, me, my fear
If you just stop
A three-mind pileup
As each of us plows into the other
Did I mention
We’re going in circles
Moving in patterns of infinity
Occasionally changing directions
So you’re chasing me
And your fears are chasing you
How the transition is made
Is that your fears are my fears
They are the same
We share our fears
Whether you realize it or not
And what I think we should do
Is stop chasing each other
Stop running from each other
And turn and face our fears
I suspect they will not harm us
But splash around us like waves
Upon a solid rock
We are a solid rock
Holding hands like chemical bonds
As long as we realize
Our crystalline form
Our diamond shine
Our power


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