So You’re Not Perfect 

Here’s what I know
Taking it slow
Got a long way to go
Got a lot to learn
Got a heart to burn
Pages turn
Book closes
Words ebb and flow
Chosen one wasn’t chosen
Shows what everyone knows
Throws away what’s frozen
Deep breath wind blows
Go where the wind goes
Follow your nose
The grass is always greener
In between your toes
Lean times may follow
When you swallow your pride
Pull off to the side
Let them pass you by
Coming up from behind
See the light in your eyes
In the rear view mirror
See them frightened inside
When you hear the sirens clearer
See the lights up high
No fear while you’re steering
Right up to the sky
Ride up to the light
Turning green every time
Turn your life right around
Until you’re blowing their minds
Until they all want to follow
But you leave them behind

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