Jezebel’s Springtime Ale

I spun around you
And teased your body slowly
And accidentally stepped
On a butterfly

I chased after you
And realized I was dreaming
Panicked and killed an angel

Why is this so difficult to do
You would think that after
All this time
We could see something through
It’s so easy

I wanted nothing more
Than for you to be my plaything
Interchangeable with parts
From your set

And I believed
In love that lasted forever
And you decided you
Couldn’t wait that long

I should have expected this
It’s happened before
And I can’t get out
I wanted more than this
Brief interlude
You were the chameleon
Hiding feeling inside

Well you certainly don’t
Have a solitary issue
With burying the winged body
Of our happiness
Was there a point to this story
You ask
And I can only whisper
The end


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