Licking blood from knives
Not your own this time
Kicking old habits
From the closets of the divine

Stabbing savages who invade thoughts
Slicing amateurs who climb to the top
Slashing scavengers who collect teardrops
While everything around them rots
Piercing bubbles of unreal dreams
Shrieking demons with shattering screams
Dripping lips coated with hopes
All that join the bloody dots

Eating forgotten lives
Not your own this time
Murdering old selves
With instruments red as wine

Dropping blades that sever ties
Burning bridges connecting lies
Hiding from the following eyes
Shelter from the blood-red skies
Shaking faith called evermore
Avoiding this internal war
Deploring the pour of gore galore
Costumed in your angelic guise

Drinking until death arrives
Not your own this time
Pretending your grubby halo
Was once a relic of the divine