All I can offer you
Is tea for one
Swirl to thrill
Breaking me to love
All the oh my gods
Glad I’m not it
Spinning nothing wrong

Some of what matters
Has flown to warmer places
Crushing inner snows
Piling in drifts
Next to sands
Sand and snow
What’s the difference
When nothing grows

Taste is a matter of trying
You’ll find the ones you like
The lines get longer
While you decide to combine
Dance steps you find tantalizing
They never seem to bring us miracles
I don’t blame you
Because I need you

Hot times and nothing was as good
As loving you
I was being good
And loving you
I’m very good
At loving you
You make me high
Hurt my mind but I forget it

You make me good at loving you
You make me high
I’m loving you
Starting to rise
Making sense of some thoughts
Fascinations from long ago
You showing me your other side
And I forget everything

All the oh my gods
You bring them and set them at my feet
All the frozen gauze
To dress my wounds and take the heat
All the winter suns
To burn me with icicle stares
All the dandelion eyes
To watch me with the everywheres

It was special for a time
I shouldn’t use past tense
I’ve only loved you once
I’ll let you know when that is done
I’d never let you think otherwise
I can’t think otherwise
I can’t think
Otherwise I would
Otherwise I would