Curated Poetry: Ward Clever In No Particular Order


I read other people’s blogs! I do appreciate other people’s poetry, and I wanted to share a few of them with you. I think you will enjoy them all. Come back to read all of them, and even past poems. Click on each one, then return to go to the next! AND don’t forget about past poetry! Links to dozens of hot sexy poems are at the bottom!

samanthaalexiandlovu – My Dirty Fingers

Sheila Sea – If Mercy Was An Object

Baffy Basics – No One

Kyra’s Hymn – It’s Raining

The Darkest Fairytale – Haunted

BigBangLifeAsWeSeeIt – Linger

Words On Empty Ears – Medicine And You

IncipientOffing –  “There Are No….”

Poesy Plus Polemics – Origami

The Feathered Sleep – You Are The Reason

Eyes + Words – Infection

TellTales – Distant Souls

Beth Tremaglio – On A Cloud

Sarah Doughty – Waking Nightmare

Sabiscuit’s Catalog – David et Goliath

Locked Thoughts – Again

DeadlyPixieDust – He Needs Saving

Pretty Charms – The Adventure

Words And Other Things – I Call Him Love

Fearing Crazy –  Fighting To Communicate

Mind Stripped Bare – Thirst

LittleLexPoems – Tea Party


Enjoy all these fine people and their poetry!

Previous Curated Poetry:

Gives Back

Returns The Favor

Holds Up A Mirror

Praises Others

Shines A Light



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