Rising Surprising Alive

Rock the top off
Come close to the drop off

Don’t keep going

You’ll fall off

This whole thing you’ll call off

Time for you to knock off

Check out and clock off

Toss out this drop cloth

And paint this whole town mauve

Live like gods against all odds

When stars come your head nods

Wake up now

It’s dawn

Time for you to move on

Get your groove on

To prove them wrong

It probably won’t take long

A song and some lyrics

You’re lifting their spirits

They’re destined to hear it

They want to be near it

Mind cluttered – they clear it

Bad thing – they don’t fear it

They give you the credit

Won’t let you forget it

Need something – they get it

Write something – they read it

Won’t ever regret it

Overcome you if you let it

Forever indebted


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