Twilight’s Submissive Elixir

The transformation is obvious
To anyone with eyes and attention to pay
Yesterday you were dark
And you wore the mask of the past
Now your smile wakes up before your eyes do
Our angers now crash on rocks of the mornings we share
And worries break apart in a shower of sparks
Remember this a thousand times
I surrender to you
Tonight we find out if our bodies
Can take this much love
And my white flag becomes the sheets
On which we play our song
In which we wrap ourselves
Under which you take it all
And give me everything
Our voices drop lower than a whisper
As we speak each other’s truths
We teach each other to trust
And we arrive at the same conclusion
Deciding to have the same conversation
Just to be sure
Yes I changed you with my words
Only so I could give myself to you
For safe keeping
I’m sure you’ll always know what to do
Because I trust you
I believe in you
You would never lose me for a moment
I surrender my spirit
And with this sweet elixir called love
You transform us forever


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