Watashi Wa Hitori De Matsu

(tr. I Wait Alone)

Wake up alone
Sleep lays on top of me
No smells greet me and I’m tired and lonely
Where is that place where we meet
And watch the sunset together
While fires burn the pain away?

Anyone could see the longing and suffering
If they were here
But why would anyone be here?
I’m not quite right when I get like this
When I am alone like this
And the stars fade out

In another world
Half a world away
Someone sits and wonders the same thing
In a moment
They will feel like I feel
Looking at the same cold moon

Block out the light
I don’t want to see the sun
This broken lullaby
Puts me on edge

Where are the promises we made?
Where are the dreams we held?
Where are the waves crashing?
Where is that one moonbeam?
When will it all come to me?
When will it all come down?
When will I pull through
And come to
And come around
And wake up to the sweet smell of you?

Icicles form from my cold breath
Shadows fall like sun behind the clouds
And you look at me with dandelion eyes
Everywhere at once
And all at once I’m blown away
Will I fly to that same sweet place?
Sometimes love is a very small thing

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