Where is my Prince Charming?
My knight in shining armor
Who comes to rescue me
From this miserable life
And takes me away
With not a care
And not a thought?
I just stand here
And he does everything
Wins my love
Devotes his life to me
Conquers lands and enemies
Builds great works
Writes great words
When will he come?

Where is my Goddess?
My mistress and dreamy love
My personal insatiable whore
My fantastic chef in the kitchen
My faithful companion and equal servant
Attending to my every need?
I just stand here
And she does everything
Soothes my soul
With her devotion and love
Cares for all the little things
Puts me first
Satisfies my needs
When will she come?

A voice:
In our lives
There are a thousand flowers
Each is beautiful
Each has a pleasing fragrance
Each has its own color
Each is delicate yet powerful
Each has its time
Each has its season
But though there are a thousand
None of them will come to you
You must go to them
They will do nothing
If you just stand there
They will not save you or serve you
They do what they do
Not necessarily what you want them to
They are what they are