Melancholy Days

I’ve been too close to this mistake
Wallowing in my melancholy days
Finding out what happens when purpose and drive
Meet reality and compromise

This transfatty future
This diabetic truth
This heart attack will kill any sympathy
This sugar rush
This crash and this burn
This seizure of self confidence

I’ve been too lax in this judgment
Following my funny ways
Grinding out existence in purgatory
A jaded suburbanite

Kill this feeling
Kill this information
Kill the impossible dreams
Kill this prisoner of fate
Kill this son of shifting sands
Kill the lost sense of urgency

What cost?
What have I lost?
What have I given up willingly for this?
What have I sold to buy your love?
What have I risen above in selfish solitude?
And for what?
Continued existence?

Awaken me once again
Chill my burning thoughts
With the water of inspiration
Fill my empty soul
With the promise of life and love
And tell me once again
That this is the best time of my life


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