Mental Detector

This barren desert was
A twilight for mental calm

I dug beneath the waves

Of sand that blew across

The horizon

I found a treasure

Hidden under rock and stone

Forgotten and alone

Valuable, priceless and mine

Nighttime of peaceful eyes

Staring me down into sleep

The treasures that I keep

Close to my heart

All safe from harm

The bells were going off

Threats both left and right

The sun was coming up

Chasing night away

It was innocent

It had taken and given

An even trade

On the bed of sand

We made together

I had forgotten why

I buried you so deep

Now I remember

I could never measure up

I could never be what you wanted

X marked my folly

Under shifting sands

Now I understand

The foundation was deeper than me

I could have let you build me up

You were the rocks

Time and wind turned to sand

Our love terraformed

Supported us

I didn’t know

I walk with shovel in hand

Mental detector

Searching out your thoughts

For my collection


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